Oscar and Intervention

Darling readers, as you might guess, I’m dying to dish about the dresses at last night’s Academy Awards. But first we need to address an etiquette emergency.

Best Supporting Actress winner Melissa Leo is begging for an Annabel Manners Taste Makeover.

Just to be clear, I thought her performance in The Fighter was phenomenal. She’s a formidable actress who deserves every single one of her recent accolades. That said, let’s review what amounts to a tacky trifecta:

1) Her catastrophic acceptance speech. First-time nominees are supposed to be humble, wide-eyed and winsome. Instead, Melissa swore like a trucker on national television, then went on to speculate about the crass, commercial nature of the movie business at large. Mon dieu!

2) The fashion tragedy. Can we all agree that this is a mess of a dress?

3) Relentless pursuit of the coveted Oscar prize. This is a delicate matter, which is why actors and studios hire an army of qualified publicists to manage the process from behind the scenes. Instead, Ms. Leo launched her own aggressive Oscar campaign.

Whew. Melissa, honey, if you’re ever ready for etiquette coaching, I’m one tiny email away.

As for the gowns, I thought there were loads of lovelies. Shockingly enough, I don’t even have a worst-dressed list — more like a missed-opportunities list. Natalie Portman could have made a stronger maternity-glam statement. Nicole Kidman continues to perplex. Amy Adams is working with the wrong stylist. Jennifer Hudson marred an overall amazing look with bad hair. But for the most part everyone looked fresh, modern, and divine.

Here are my absolute faves:

Talk to me, y’all. What were your top picks?

Hope everyone has a glamtastic week!

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