Operation Living Room Makeover

One of my most beloved possessions is this fashion-y charcoal sketch of a 1960s party girl. She and I had a little conversation recently in which we agreed that the sensible, neutral loveseat she’s staring at every day simply must go. 
1960s Fashion Sketch
Ladies and gentlemen, meet my spirit animal.
It’s time to shake things up around here, which is how I found myself on Pinterest searching for the keywords “pink couch.” It may sound over-the-top, but just look at the possibilities! 
Everything about this is a resounding yes. 
Already in play are a pair of mid-century modern chairs that belonged to my grandmother, which I reupholstered in black and white houndstooth. Naturally, I’m imagining them with monogrammed accent pillows to match the new sofa.
Houndstooth? Check.
Pink can be polarizing for women, but I’ve always loved it. Even in high school when my friends thought it was eye-rollingly uncool. And in my early 20s when all I wanted was to look urbane and grown up (despite my penchant for pastels). 
Complete chic-o-rama. 
For me, it’s a feminine, flattering mood booster, which is why I’m happily mulling over fabric swatches and trying to settle on a shade. Check back in a few weeks. I’ll be here watching Rachel Zoe’s new show and basking in a rosy glow!
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