Old-School Jewels

Lately I’ve been gazing longingly at estate jewelry. Cocktail rings, art-deco bracelets, impossibly sparkly watches — they’re just delicioso!
If you’re lucky enough to have heirloom jewelry that’s been passed down to you, please don’t banish it to a safe. Have a specialist check the clasps and the security of the stones, then wear those baubles with everything.
You can also adjust certain items to fit your taste. If grandmother’s yellow-gold engagement ring doesn’t suit you, shop for an antique setting you adore, then plop your heirloom diamond right in. (Just, you know, run it by your mama first.)
The best part about antique jewelry is that every piece tells a story. If precious gems aren’t floating around your family, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with acquiring your own. The tradition can begin with you!
A few ideas for inspiration:
1. A breathtaking art-deco bracelet.
2. An Edwardian engagement ring.
3. A platinum pin that could be turned into a pendant.
4. An astonishing pair of earrings that cost less than you’d think.
Anybody else craving carat cake?
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