Oh, THAT New Year!

As you might guess, I’m a sucker for stationery. I recently discovered Bonnie Marcus, an enterprising mommy of two who cranks out deliciously chic notecards, party invitations, baby announcements and more.

My darlin’ friend H will make merciless fun of me for this, but the card pictured here really threw me for a loop.
“How adorable!” I cooed. “I should recommend these to clients who need non-denominational holiday cards. And feature them on the blog!”
I was completely enchanted by the illustration, but…something just wasn’t right. My brow wrinkled in confusion.
Why on earth would a holiday card feature autumn leaves? Were those apples on her festive dress? And what was going on with the honey?
That’s when it hit me. This had nothing to do with Auld Lang Syne! No sir. This, dear readers, was a Rosh Hashanah card!
You’d think those Hebrew letters might have tipped me off. Lord.
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