Office Gaucherie

I thought I’d covered every possible gaffe concerning nosy souls who love inquiring about other people’s reproductive plans. Not so!


In a recent business meeting attended by yours truly, a woman shyly announced her pregnancy to a roomful of coworkers. Everyone offered their congratulations and asked benign questions like, “How are you feeling?” and “When are you due?”

Well, everyone but one brazen individual. Without a shred of compunction, this person asked:

“Was it planned?”

Readers, I nearly fell out of my conference room chair.

These women are not sisters, confidants, or best friends since Montessori. They’re workplace acquaintances. At best.

The mother-to-be was understandably flummoxed.

“Well… yes,” she stammered uncomfortably. “We’re thrilled.”

I mean, what was she supposed to say? Here’s a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation outlining our procreative strategy and objectives?

On the bright side, I’m taking this as irrefutable evidence that the world needs etiquette bloggers. As long as people pose rude questions, I’ll never want for material! 🙂

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