Nice Finish

Need a chic dessert to top off your next dinner party?
I haven’t tasted this yet, but I love the notion of Wine Cellar Sorbet.

Champagne, pinot noir, sake, sangria — there are so many fun flavors!
Nobody wants to go home feeling like an Oompa-Loompa. That’s why sorbet is the perfect follow-up to hearty dinners (like short ribs or fancy-pants mac and cheese).
I usually serve sorbet in antique cordial glasses similar to these. Just drop a little scoop into each glass and pile them on a silver tray for posh presentation.
(Want to snag a set of your own? Thrift stores and flea markets are teeming with them, I promise.)
Previously, I’ve relied on Sharon’s Sorbet–a freezer staple here at Chez Annabel–but I’m eager to belly up to the wine bar.
Has anybody tried this stuff? Let’s dish!
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