Mother Of The Bride Dresses

Whenever Mama Manners and I see a dowdy dress geared to women of a certain age, one of us inevitably says to the other, “it’s a little bit…mother of the bride.”

I must say, there was nothing tepid about Hillary Clinton’s look last weekend. Her Oscar de la Renta gown was lovely, tasteful, and appropriate.

Or so I thought. Check out this mother-of-the-bride getup in its entirety:

As it turns out, an abundance of flowers can take a great-looking dress from “mom” to “prom.”

What did you think of Chelsea’s gown? Is it the same strapless number everyone else wears these days, or do the details set it apart?

My take: Chelsea looked radiant and I loved her hair and makeup. Her dress was beautifully constructed. But as high-profile Vera Wang gowns go, I still prefer Ivanka Trump’s.

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