Monogrammed Bauble

If you ask me, the most dangerous thing about living in Los Angeles isn’t earthquakes, car chases, or shady neighborhoods.

It’s a charming little boutique called Polkadots & Moonbeams.
Currently, I’m coveting the amazing monogram necklace you see on Carrie Underwood.
It comes in gold or silver, and is available in two lengths.
(Having tried on both, I prefer the 16-inch chain. I’m petite, therefore the pendant on the 30-inch version hits just above my belly button.)
Another fave? This Plenty by Tracy Reese party dress.
It looks terrific on. Perfect for the twelve weddings we’re all invited to between now and September.
Atlanta girls, this store is our version of Poppy’s or Luna.
Chic. Inviting. And fraught with temptation!
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