Modern Monogramming And Address Guidelines

Wondering how to address party invitations to your friend with a hyphenated name? Want to personalize a gift for a contemporary couple? What about monogramming for same-sex couples? When in doubt, keep it chic and easy. The trick is to celebrate families, commitment and couple-hood without focusing on shared surnames.


When The Bride Keeps Her Name

  • Monogram linens, stationery and cocktail napkins with first names or initials. (Scott + Ellen, S & E, etc.)
  • Address envelopes to Scott Brown and Ellen Adams.

When Half Of The Couple Hyphenates

  • Use first names or first initials as suggested above.
  • Address envelopes to Scott Brown and Ellen Adams-Brown.

When Everyone Hyphenates

  • Address envelopes to Ellen & Scott Adams-Brown.
  • Use a block monogram for towels. (EAB & SAB, respectively).

For Same-Sex Married Couples

  • Use single first initials (N & D) or single last initials (H + B) for stationery and decor.
  • Follow guidelines for hyphenated names or individual names as appropriate.

Haute Tip: Monogramming for same-sex couples is no different than monogramming for heterosexual couples with two last names. See below:


When The Baby Has Both Last Names

  • Avoid three-letter monogramming since the baby probably has four initials.
  • Use first name or single-initial personalization for gifts.
  • Simplify envelopes by addressing to “The Harris & Burtka Family.”

When You Just Want To Shake Things Up

Don’t see your question answered here? Consult the Apartment Therapy Guide to Monogramming, visit Mark and Graham or contact Annabel Manners. I do love an etiquette challenge!

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