Men And Manners

Have you ever watched an etiquette fumble that played out like a sporting event? I saw one just the other day.

mad-men-the-monolith_article_story_largePicture a meeting in an agency setting. A VIP on the client side stepped out to take a phone call. When he returned, he greeted a latecomer by saying, “Oh! You must be [Agency Guy]. I’m so happy to finally meet you in person!”

To my great dismay, Agency Guy nodded distractedly and stayed in his seat, thereby missing the chance to stand up, make a meaningful connection and shake the client’s hand.

So basic! But he totally blew it. Agency Guy was representing the whole team — and he had no clue he’d missed a cue. Maybe his mother wasn’t a big proponent of toddler manners. Well, boo hoo! There’s a wealth of info available online, and it’s never to late to catch up.

On the bright side, I recently received a handwritten thank-you note from another colleague for a job well done. It was a class move that set him apart from the pack.

Those polished, well-mannered professionals are out there — and they’ll outpace the Agency Guys of the world every time.

P.S. Want more on workplace etiquette? Check out this post.

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