Manicure Meltdown

Foxy Brown should really think about doing her own nails.

According to hallowed sources like TMZ and Us Weekly, the troubled performer was recently booted from a Royal Caribbean cruise after going mental on a manicurist (a charge she now huffily disputes).

The catalyst? Apparently Foxy was three hours late for her appointment, so salon staff members had to turn her away.

Amazingly, they’re not the first nail technicians to incur the rapper’s wrath. Let’s not forget this woman went to prison for assaulting two other manicurists in 2006.

Today’s haute tips:

1. If you’re famously ferocious, avoid situations that might trigger new legal woes.

2. Let’s say trouble somehow finds you anyway. Try not to issue an ominous response via Twitter. (Something along the lines of, “I’m the wrong one to romp wit, you will get checked!!”)

3. Remember that the words “apoplectic” and “nail place” just don’t belong in the same sentence. It’s nothing but a little OPI, right?

Let’s end on a graceful note. Here’s Emma Stone looking like an absolute goddess in Lanvin.

Is this dress unbelievably gorgeous, or what?

Have a fierce weekend, everybody!

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