Makeup Wakeup

For a recent work event, I got dolled up with the help of two talented hair and makeup professionals.

It all started with airbrush makeup, which was new to me but explained a lot about why celebrities always travel with their glam squads. Next came eyeliner, eye shadow, individual faux lashes applied one at a time…

Such fun!

This all got me thinking that my daily cosmetic routine is entirely too tame. Ordinarily, I wear powder, blush, some lip gloss, and mascara. (I have blond lashes, so without the latter, I look like a flu-stricken bunny.)

With a little practice, surely I could pull off this vixen business in my own bathroom mirror.

Thus inspired, I cranked up the volume the other day and experimented with some extra eye makeup.


By 11 a.m., I decided I looked like a can-can dancer.

For me, eyeliner in the daytime is just too much. (Though to quote Carson from Shag: The Movie, “I like the way it looks on some people.”)

What’s your routine for getting gorgeous? Do you have special tricks you only deploy for evening?

Let’s dish!

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