Lunch with Don Draper

Are you…
A) Swimming in disposable income
B) Hopelessly in love with Jon Hamm
C) A supporter of women in film, or
D) A fan of the magnificent movie Waitress?
Then check out this online charity auction, which supports a terrific cause and honors a very talented filmmaker.
Alas, I can check off only B, C, and D. And if I met Don Draper, I’d be about as articulate as Bridget Jones interviewing Colin Firth.
Apropos of nothing, I must share an alarming culinary discovery.
If you drizzle truffle oil over McDonald’s french fries, they become even more magically delicious.
Don’t ask me how I know this.
Let’s just say it runs in the family — my Aunt L (a fellow dining derelict) likes to pour heavy cream over grocery store birthday cake and eat it with a spoon.
Happy Friday, y’all!
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