Louboutin Scoop

Y’all heard about the fake Louboutin scandal, right?

Buyer beware! And for heaven’s sake, don’t settle.

If your heart is set a pair of red-soled delights, there are major markdowns on the real deal.
(Comparatively speaking. Half of $895 is still a lot of money, but they’re so delicious.)
Check out what’s on sale at Barneys:

Meanwhile, on theOutnet.com, there are better deals but a less interesting selection. Still, I wouldn’t turn down a pair of:

Finally, Neiman’s has a hot sale and free shipping. Type in the promo code JUNNM to get the deal!
Today’s Haute Tip: Christian Louboutin shoes are made in Italy. Not China. Lord.
Note: The satin heels pictured here are full price, but aren’t they heavenly? Perfect for a wedding, what with the Something Blue already incorporated.
Click here for more info!
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