Little White Lies

A person can learn all sorts of useful things by reading bridal magazines at the nail place.

Take, for example, the news that Amsale has a line of Little White Dresses.
I know it’s wildly impractical, but I’m transfixed by the idea of slipping off to change into a party dress during one’s reception.
(Not that I’m anywhere near planning a wedding at the moment. Or going on a third date, for that matter. Lord.)
Here’s another fun fact: busy brides don’t even have to write their own thank-you notes anymore.
Check out That’s Gratitude, a company that cranks out personalized, handwritten thank-you notes that newlyweds never even have to touch.
What’s more important? challenges the website. Who says thank you, or the fact that someone does?  
While I agree that thank-you notes penned by strangers are better than none at all, the whole practice seems distressingly chilly and industrial.
Just fill out a spreadsheet detailing your considerable bridal haul, and poof!
Great Aunt Gertie (who, let’s face it, has been watching the mail), gets a note thanking her for the place setting.
It may look like your handwriting, but it was composed by someone who wouldn’t know she still sends $30 every year on your birthday.
For the love of Vera Wang. That’s just sneaky!
I bet I could spot a counterfeit thank-you note from 50 feet away.
Has anybody ever used one of these services? Spill it, sister!
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