Lilly Pulitzer Tip

Mama Manners overheard two young women at Cafe Lapin in Atlanta discussing a friend’s child who always seems to be wearing a different Lilly dress.

Preppy Mom A: You know the secret, right?
Preppy Mom B: Spill it.
Preppy Mom A: That little girl is running around the playground in her mother’s Lilly clothes from the late 70s and early 80s.
Preppy Mom B (gasping): But they still look so fresh! And cute!
It just goes to show that classic dresses never go out of style. Lilly clothes may be pricy, but they’re also beautifully constructed and built to last.
If you’re a style-savvy mommy (or plan to be one eventually), here are a few haute tips:
  • Ask your mother if she kept any of your fabulous old frocks.
  • Scour eBay and other auction sites for vintage finds.
  • Save beloved clothes your kids have outgrown — for your grandchildren!

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