Knocked Up and Decked Out

Imagine this:

Your second cousin Eloise is getting married on a Saturday in the summer. A Saturday when you know for a fact you’ll be massively pregnant.

You could purchase an LBMD (little black maternity dress), or consider, a website that lends frocks by the week.

Y’all probably know I’d never rent a Chanel handbag or (heaven forbid) a wedding gown, but I appreciate the practicality of this idea. If you can get past the ew-someone-else-wore-this factor, it’s a very clever concept.

The collection is small but decent. I was expecting to find high-end designers, but then again I’ve never been pregnant. (The only name that rang a bell with me was Christian Siriano, who created the dress shown here. )

Other observations:

  • Renting silk chiffon for a week runs you $70, while a simple satin number with an empire waist is only $39.
  • It’s just like Netflix. You can drop the gown in an envelope and mail it back without dry-cleaning.
  • You won’t be charged extra for little spills.
  • For a higher fee, you can borrow a dress that’s guaranteed to be brand new or worn only once.

What do you think? Would you rent a maternity dress, or does it remind you of bowling shoes?

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