Kim and Heidi: Class Acts

Hey Annabel,

I just read that Kim Kardashian told Heidi Montag to do Playboy! You have to comment!
— EK in VA
Dear EK,
Your email made me giggle!
For those who missed it, Kim Kardashian did indeed counsel Heidi Montag (now Pratt) about the merits of posing for Playboy.
But y’all, that’s not even the best part.
According to Us Weekly, Kim assured Heidi it was a “classy” move.
Who (who!) would seek career advice from this strumpet? It’s another tragic case of the blind leading the blonde.
Then again, I’m a firm believer in taste makeovers. Even Heidi Pratt has the power to reinvent herself should she choose to do so.
Can I turn her into a Junior Leaguer? Perhaps not. But people (who read People) love a fresh start.
Heidi, if you’re interested, here are four quick tips:
1. Pass on Playboy. Lord.
2. From this day forward, close your mouth whenever someone takes your picture.
3. Email me so we can set up an emergency strategy lunch.
4. Consider annulment.
Graciously yours,
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