Kanye West: Man-Child

Good gracious.
Here’s a recap of the drama that unfolded at the 2009 Video Music Awards:
1. 19-year-old Taylor Swift wins best female video and kicks off a lovely acceptance speech.
2. 32-year-old Kanye West petulantly interrupts her — and essentially protests that the award should have gone to Beyonce Knowles.
3. Cut to an astonished Beyonce, who looks mortified by this unsolicited endorsement.
4. Beyonce later wins Video of the Year — and invites Taylor Swift to join her on stage and share in the moment.
Got all that?
Poor Taylor is an innocent victim. Kanye is an insufferable, old-enough-to-know-better punk.
And Beyonce? Well, Beyonce is a class act.
Really, she was a victim here, too, but she had the good manners (and the good sense) to deftly turn it around.
Not that anyone cares, but Kanye West has since been busy blogging about the snafu.
Desperately. And in ALL CAPS.
He should have just issued a sincere apology, and then stopped talking.
It’s the ladylike thing to do.
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