Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny

Dear Annabel Manners, 

I’m going on vacation with my boyfriend and his extended family at the end of this month. My swimsuits are all pretty skimpy, and I work my ass off to look hot in them! Should I buy something more conservative to make a better impression? It would suck to spend $$$ on a suit I don’t even like. I wanna be me. 
— Kim, Newport Beach
Dear Kim,
To begin with, let’s think about how you want this family to perceive you. There’s a fine line between, “Kim is really great!” and “Lord, let’s just hope he doesn’t marry her.”
What kind of swimwear are we talking about, here? If you own anything that looks like the Ed Hardy monokini pictured above, I strongly suggest you leave it at home. Ditto for any bathing suit featuring a thong (no matter how cute Kate Hudson looks in hers).
The key is to be yourself without making anyone blush. I don’t mean you have to wear an old-lady one-piece from Land’s End, just don’t strut around in something so flimsy it couldn’t withstand a game of beach volleyball.
Now that I’m a thrifty girl by virtue of necessity, I swear by Target bikinis. They have tons of separates you can mix and match, all for about $14.99 a piece. I say grab a new suit you can meet grandparents in, but also pack something slinky for late-night visits to the hot tub with your honey.
Graciously yours,
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