Instagram Etiquette

Photo courtesy of Swig.

A friend of mine (let’s call her “C”) is in the midst of a massive interior design project. She recently Instagrammed a photo of her gorgeous new bar cart only to have an old high school classmate comment, “#TargetStyle!”

C was horrified. As she fought the urge to reply, “It’s not from Target, you half-wit!” she brainstormed ways to set the record straight without sounding shallow and awful.

Today’s Haute Tip: Think about how your Instagram comments will land before you hit “Send.”

  • Assume offhand remark will be read by the CEO of your friend’s company, her great-grandmother and the new boy she likes.
  • Don’t say anything that reveals too much. (“Is this pic from your date with Crossfit Guy? Has he made a move yet or what??”)
  • No teasing unless you’re absolutely, positively sure your friend will laugh.

In the end, my friend found the perfect answer to the bar-cart blunder. She replied, “Actually, it’s from West Elm. But a LOT of my stuff is from Target!”

Well played, Miss C.

To be continued during happy hour!



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