Indie Queens

Good gracious! In all my apres-Oscar excitement, I nearly neglected the Independent Spirit Awards.

By the time this show rolls around, everyone is a bit weary of taffeta and tulle, so a cazh carpet is momentarily refreshing.
Behold Jon Hamm, looking devastatingly cute in a spring suit!
Check out Michelle Monaghan, rocking the robin’s egg-blue Versace I was just eyeing hungrily on p. 232 of the current Harper’s Bazaar.
And how about Mary-Kate Olsen, who presented an award looking strangely pulled together and, dare I say, almost fetching?
In the category of dueling dresses, we have Michelle Williams (shown here) and Cameron Diaz, both of whom wore sweet, striped frocks. Delish!
And now, dear readers, we must face a gloomy reality. There will be no more awards shows for an entire year.
This is how some people feel on the day after Christmas.
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