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Dear Annabel Manners, 

Here’s an etiquette question. I am an actor who has been in a bunch of national commercials. There’s a girl in my acting class who is on a crappy sitcom. 
Every time I see her, she asks if I am working. When I tell her about what I booked, she always tilts her head and says something really condescending like, “Don’t worry, you’ll eventually break in. Just keep working hard and coming to class!”
Also, she keeps promising to talk to the producers of her stupid show about getting me a guest spot and it never happens. 
How should I handle this? 
Ad Man — Studio City
P.S. My girlfriend reads your site and told me to write in! 
Dear Ad Man,
I think what we have here is a case of insecurity run amok. Actress Girl isn’t so sure about her own career, therefore she goes out of her way to belittle yours.
Next time this happens, address it directly and say something like:
“I’m really proud of my commercial work, and I feel lucky to have landed it. In this economy, we should all be grateful for what we have, don’t you think?”
If that doesn’t work, I suggest you return the supercilious favor.
“How about you? You must be dying to break into features! Got anything lined up for the hiatus? One little Will Smith movie could change everything.”
Hope that helps. Tell your girlfriend thanks for reading!
Graciously yours,
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