How To Tip Your Hairdresser

Hi Annabel, I have a question for you…

Last week I went to the salon and had my hair highlighted. There are a few pieces that did not turn out so well, so I’m going back this week to have her ‘touch them up.’ 
What is the tipping etiquette in this situation? I tipped 20% last week. I did not notice until I got home or I would have said something in the same visit, thus only tipping once. I’m not sure she should get a tip as it was her mistake, but I don’t want to seem cheap or fall to the bottom of her client lift! 
Any and all advice is appreciated!
Dear AC,
Your initial 20% tip was right on the money.
As your hairdresser, it’s in her best interest to keep you happy and coming back every couple of months.
Obviously you don’t have to pay for the correction, but if you’re interested in maintaining a long, blond relationship with your stylist, you should still offer her a tip.
(It doesn’t have to be the same amount you tipped the first time, just something to show that you appreciate her work and her time.)
There’s a good chance she won’t accept any money. If that’s the case, thank her sincerely and tell her you’ll see her next time.
Let’s say you’re still not loving the color. Or that she makes a similar mistake in the future. Find someone who understands your blond ambition. And don’t feel guilty about the breakup.
Other ways to be a star client:
1. Send your hairdresser a holiday card.
2. Show up on time for appointments.
3. Tip the shampoo girl (especially if she gives head massages!)
4. Ignore the old rule about not tipping your stylist if he or she owns the salon.
Good luck with those golden locks!
Graciously yours,
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