How To Throw A Tea Party

It’s a proven fact that ladies love tiny foods.
Canapes. Petit fours. Hors d’oeuvres. If it’s little, we’ll nibble.For your next party (or even somebody’s lunch box), try experimenting with tea sandwiches. Your guests will swoon!


Here’s how to make them the Annabel Manners way: 

1. Use a biscuit cutter to cut soft bread into cute little circles.
2. For added variety, serve another option made with cocktail bread. (Look for it near the deli or cheese counter). In no time, you’ll have two-inch square sandwiches that can be easily cut into adorable triangles.
3. Get creative with uptown fillings. Try:

For parties, showers, and luncheons, pile the sandwiches on a 3-tiered server like the one shown here.

Put on a pot of tea. Add a salad, mimosas, and a bite-sized dessert.
All of a sudden it’s a (tea) party!
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