How To Throw A Kentucky Derby Party

We southerners take sporting events very seriously — especially the ones that call for sport coats, sundresses, and afternoon cocktails.

Catch the Kentucky Derby on NBC tomorrow at 5 p.m. (or 2 p.m. out here on the west coast).

Believe it or not, you can pull together a fabulous Derby party in no time. All you need is a little creativity and a sociable crew.

Things to do Today:

1. Rally the troops. Get on Facebook, send out a mass email, or pick up the phone to spread the word. Tell all the ladies hats are encouraged!

2. Obtain ingredients for mint juleps (and brew a batch of ice tea for guests who don’t do bourbon).

3. Since it’s the run for the roses, buy a dozen red ones and pop ’em in a vase.

4. Print a list of contenders and pick your pony!

Things to do Tomorrow:

1. Plan your outfit. Pretty spring dresses are a must.

2. Make sure you have enough ice. Simple, yet critical.

3. Take a tip from Cynthia Rowley’s Swell. Buy a few KFC family packs, discard buckets and telltale sporks, then serve it all on your best china.

4. Put someone in charge of keeping track of the bets (this is an excellent job for husbands

Here They Come (c) Dave Black

and boyfriends).

5. Enjoy the most exciting two minutes in sports!

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