Hostess Gift Wine Etiquette

               Tee by Wildfox

A recent survey conducted by found that 80.41% of respondents receive wine as a hostess gift and open it on the spot. This begs the question: do people think they have to do this in order to be polite?

Here’s the barrel-aged truth:

Hostess-gift wine is just that — a gift. It’s something given with no obligation (as opposed to something you thrust at your host, hands on hips, standing by until it’s opened and devoured). 

If you’re invited to a dinner party and you choose to bring wine, hand it over with air kisses and no strings attached. Serious cooks often have wine pairings in mind for the meal. They may have a special bottle earmarked for the occasion, or they may wish to save your lovely bottle for some other night. In any case, don’t secretly seethe throughout the soup course. Your job as a guest is to relax and enjoy whatever comes your way.

Besides, if your friends are anything like mine, that bottle won’t be sitting on the counter for long!

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