Hilarious New Trend

A woman in jeans and a hoodie once asked me, “Why are you so dressed up?” I wanted to say, “Because this is a business dinner, you half-wit.” Instead, I gave a tiny shrug and quipped, “Why isn’t everyone?”

In truth, I’m one of the only people running around town in clothing with a crease. From Hard Tail yoga pants to James Perse t-shirts, Angelenos love their loungewear.

Last week, a new store opened on trendy Robertson Boulevard that takes casual to new heights. Check out the OnePiece ($213), an adult-sized onesie that was conceived by three hungover Norwegians.

Honestly, I believe leisurely gear has its place. Under the right sartorial circumstances (say, while exercising, battling the flu or watching Bravo) I’m all for it. But if the OnePiece takes off, we might soon see them at L.A. newsstands, brunch spots or even nightclubs. Eek!

Here’s a peek inside the launch party (courtesy of PopSugar):

Essentially we’re talking about a Snuggie with a zipper. I have no doubt they’re absurdly soft and comfortable, but to me they look like stylistic surrender.

Would you ever wear a OnePiece, or are they too silly to even consider?

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