Greek Tragedy


Oh. My. Goddess.
Have y’all heard about the sorority drama unfolding at Cornell?
If not, Google the words “Pi Phi” and “dress code.” The blogosphere is all aflutter.
When I first heard about this, I thought these were guidelines for everyday living, which would be straight out of Mean Girls. In fact, they’re rules about what to wear for rush, issued by the rush chair, and organized according to each round of parties.
Thanks to the wonder of the Internet, you can read the whole manifesto here.
Admittedly, the girl who wrote this is opinionated, shrill and demanding. Hilariously so. But if memory serves, sorority rush chairs are always mad dictators who obsess over details. It’s part of the gig.
What makes this so funny is her deathly serious delivery (“These are life lessons so read carefully”) manner (“I’m going to be doing dress checks…”) and specificity (“no weird accessories like plastic glittery butterflies”).
This does present a bit of a PR situation for the sorority, and for Cornell. Perhaps celebrity Pi Phi Jennifer Garner would like to weigh in.
Every teeny thing that happens in college is such. a. huge. deal.
Personally, I’m just relieved to be a grown-up. Well out of school and free of all this undergraduate hoo-ha.
Whether or not I wear pearls today is solely up to me.
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