Gracious Living

Yesterday was such a Monday.

I needed a lift, so I threw on a way-cuter-than-necessarily Badgley Mischka sundress and a pair of sky-high heels before teetering out the door.

“You look great,” remarked a dog-walking neighbor I’ve never met.

“Thanks!” I beamed. And with that, I walked a little taller all day.

It got me thinking about all the small things we gracious girls do automatically that make the world a more pleasant place to be.

For example, I bet you already:

1. Talk to strangers. A tiny hello, good morning, smile, or nod goes a long way. And any brief acknowledgment will do.

2. Ease the flow of traffic. If there’s a crush of people aimed at the same doorway, hold the door for people coming out before you go in. It’s simple physics.

3. Name-drop. If you know someone’s name, use it. Never pretend otherwise because you suspect they don’t know yours.

4. Use discretion like lip balm. After all, it applies to everything from keeping secrets to chewing gum.

5. Do it all with signature style. Whether it’s pencil skirts, vintage gems, or a pair of Brian Atwood pumps, make sure you always look (and feel) like you.

Have a chic week!

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