Golden Globalicious

To fully appreciate a schmaltzy, self-congratulatory awards show, you need a big TV, a gaggle of girls, top-notch nibbles, and some truly divine wine.

Then (and only then) will you be ready to study each gown like a forensics expert combing a crime scene.

Did you notice the astonishing lack of black dresses? Even Angelina Jolie came in color. We’re having a spate of summery weather here in SoCal – maybe that’s what inspired starlets and their stylists to choose a rainbow of vibrant hues.

Now, about those rants and raves…


  • Claire Danes absolutely killed it. The pink Calvin Klein number pictured above was my favorite gown of the night.
  • Sofia Vegara and January Jones both rocked fiery reds. (For me, JJ’s tasteful hairdo totally saved the look.)
  • Kyra Sedgwick looked so pretty in Pucci. I loved her accessories and easy, confident demeanor.
  • I know she’s on a lot of worst-dressed lists, but I quite liked Sandra Bullock’s gown. I think if she’d worn her hair up, we’d all be swooning.
  • In a room full of bare shoulders, Leighton Meester looked lovely and unique.
  • Catherine Zeta Jones wore an emerald ball gown fit for a wicked queen, but my favorite green dress belonged to Miss Mila Kunis.



  • I’m not sure about the giant bow on Piper Perabo’s shoulder, but her hair and makeup are straight out of the Annabel Manners playbook.
  • What did you think of Emma Stone’s new look? I liked the dress but I’m dying to put a belt on it just to give her some shape.
  • Obviously Natalie Portman is stunning, but the red rose didn’t work for me. Too costume-y.
  • This dress is gorgeous, but it’s just too severe on tiny, fair-skinned Jayma Mays.

Talk to me, dear readers. What were your favorite (and un-favorite) looks?

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