Golden Delicious

As a general red-carpet rule, I yawn whenever someone utters the phrase, “men’s fashion.” Sure, I appreciate a tailored tux, but it’s hard to distinguish one lad from the next.
Perhaps Jon Hamm was simply trying to stand out from the crowd at the 2010 Golden Globes. Or extricate himself from all that is Don Draper.
Oh, honey. Just get yourself a shave and we’ll put this whole mess behind us. Let’s never fight again, OK?
Interestingly, my landslide favorite look of the night belonged to Jon’s costar, January Jones. (She’s a defending champion here on JJ was my top pick last year as well.)
This Lanvin gown/headband combo is impossibly chic.
Really, I have very few raves. I thought Toni Collette, Cameron Diaz, Emily Blunt and Tina Fey all looked pretty. That said, let’s get to the…
  • Poor Kate Hudson confirms that you just can’t trust Marchesa. Also, those shoes belong on a singing telegram nurse.
  • I want to put my arm around the former Duchess of York and speak in soft tones about the perils of velvet and stringy hair.
  • Julia Roberts obviously has nothing to prove, which is why she arrived dressed for dinner with the couple down the street.
  • Why must Jennifer Aniston play it so maddeningly safe? She’s gorgeous, but we’ve seen this look a zillion times.
  • Love Kristen Bell, but I don’t understand why she’s wearing prom jewelry.
  • Oh, George Clooney’s girlfriend. That tattoo was a terrible mistake.
As for Christina Hendricks, I’m uncharacteristically on the fence. I think her curves are grand and I’m glad she’s embracing them, but it was just too much cleavage for this prissy blogger’s taste. Lovely hair and makeup, though.
Countdown to the Oscars is on!
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