Glam or Gauche?

Dear Annabel Manners, 

I’m just wondering, do you think awards shows are in bad taste this year because of the recession?
Natalie in Burbank
Dear Natalie,
You’re the second person to ask me that question!
On one hand, times are tough. Nobody wants to hear Suzy Starlet gush about how she’s toddling down the red carpet wearing half a million dollars worth of diamonds by Harry Winston.
Then again, the movie industry famously flourished during the Great Depression. Thrifty awards ceremonies would only draw attention to that which we’re all watching E! in order to escape.
The Oscars are my Super Bowl, people. I look forward to it all year long, and I know I’m not alone.
Having said that, I don’t think you’ll hear anybody complaining about an abundance of swag bags and gift suites at this year’s festivities. Even the parties will probably be less lavish.
So what’s appropriate for 2009? A frothy, traditional Oscar celebration with a few subtle shifts in tone.
If you’re a celeb, it’s the perfect time to wear family jewels or give your designer frock to a worthy cause.
If you’re hosting a party at home, ask your guests to bring gently-used finery and donate it to a charity like The Cinderella Project, which helps underprivileged teens find prom dresses.
It’s awards season in Los Angeles, after all. Let’s celebrate film and fashion.
Somebody get me a glass of ($6 Trader Joe’s) champagne!
Graciously yours,
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