Give ‘Em The Slip

Have y’all noticed that slips are in short supply these days?

Not only do people fail to wear them (Audrina Patridge, I’m talking to you), it’s nearly impossible to find one in a store.
Hang on to your pearls, dear readers. I followed a haute tip that led me to Kohl’s, of all places. Apparently it’s the best-kept secret in lingerie!
I’ll admit I was skeptical, but the half-slip shown here was a must. Not to mention on sale for $18.75!
That’s when I began to browse in earnest.
A wireless push-up bra for $18.99? Yes, please!
Adorable boy shorts for $5.99 a pop? You know it!
Next I trotted over to look at nighties, certain I’d find a stylish steal.
Guess what? They were dreadful.
Icky fabric. Questionable prints. Nothing I’d want anywhere near my monogrammed sheets.
It was a good lesson about the perils of straying too far from our true selves.
Sure, I’ll experiment with an $18 Barely-There bra, but this is my kind of nightie.
It goes better with my eye shade.
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