Futuristic Fashion

As longtime readers know, I can’t bear the use of cell phones in restaurants. It’s all too common to see people gabbing (or texting) away, leaving their poor dining companions no choice but to wait it out.

And this is only the beginning.

Check out the M-Dress, a slinky little number that doubles as a mobile phone. That thing on the model’s wrist isn’t a button or a design element, it’s a receiver.

I’m a bit of a gadget girl, so I must confess I’m intrigued by how this works. Who am I to stand in the way of progress? I wouldn’t turn down a sleek pair of GPS-enabled heels…

But on the other hand, I’m sort of dreading the day when we’re all walking around talking into our sleeves like secret service agents.

Soon we’ll be wearing our communication devices rather than carrying them, and the rules for gracious living will have to evolve along with our wardrobes.

Once that futuristic day arrives, you’ll be able to spot me right away. Just look for the girl stubbornly stepping outside before answering calls on her spacesuit.


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