From Holidaze to 2011 To-Do’s

From the incomparable Bridget Jones’s Diary:

It seems wrong and unfair that Christmas, with its stressful and unmanageable financial and emotional challenges, should first be forced upon one wholly against one’s will, then rudely snatched away just when one is starting to get into it.

Was really beginning to enjoy the feeling that normal service was suspended and it was OK to lie in bed as long as you want, put anything you fancy into your mouth, and drink alcohol whenever it should chance to pass your way, even in the mornings. Now suddenly we are all supposed to snap into self-discipline like lean teenage greyhounds.

Hope you had a glorious holiday break. Mine was full of joy and surprises, including:

  • A rare white Christmas in Atlanta
  • A fabulous cocktail party with family and friends on December 26
  • The perfect 8 oz. filet at Chops Lobster Bar
  • A monogrammed yoga mat under the tree (Thanks, T!)
  • A visit to Forsyth Fabrics for decorating supplies and inspiration
  • A chic new haircut (not shown in this pic)
  • New Year’s Eve in the Hollywood Hills with dear friends (and a slew of good-looking strangers)

monogrammed yoga mat

Now it’s time to kick off the new year with a list of lofty resolutions.

Among other things, I resolve to: make the bed every single day, drink more milk, do some meaningful volunteer work, read Madame Bovary, and blog more often!

What are yours?

Ooh. And before I forget, tonight marks the return of Pretty Little Liars, a slick, addictive teen drama on ABC Family Channel. Full disclosure: someone who works on the show is very close to the Manners clan, but I’d watch it even without the family tie.

If you haven’t seen it, set your DVR or check it out tonight at 8.

Happy 2011, everybody!

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