Flip-Flop Etiquette

Here in Los Angeles, people wear their Havianas everywhere.
I’m talking church. Court. Brunch at the Four Seasons.
As usual, I’m the only person in town wrinkling her nose.
Obviously, rubber flip-flops are the logical choice in certain situations. It’s perfectly acceptable to wear them:
  • At the pool or beach
  • To yoga class
  • After a pedicure
  • In gym locker rooms (purely precautionary)
  • When leaving the podiatrist’s office after outpatient surgery
Otherwise (and yes, this applies to Olympic gymnasts who’ve won Dancing With the Stars), the rubber should never meet the road.
I’ll just come out and say it.
They’re tacky. And unflattering.
This year, there are so many attractive alternatives, many of which approximate the rubber thong experience.
Check out these DVF leather flip-flops, for example. Or how about the Tory Burch logo version?
These are designer examples, but there are affordable knockoffs aplenty.
Darling reality starlets, take heed.
If you’re going anywhere near a red carpet, press event, or gift tent this summer, leave the flip flops at home!
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