Flatform Folly

Spring 2011 is teeming with embraceable trends. Darling trench coats. Chic, 70’s-style wide-legged jeans. Bright, poppy colors.

And then there are flatforms, which the Daily Telegraph hilariously dubbed “the Quasimodos of footwear.”

Now, I understand tottering around in the name of fashion. I’ll stepsister my way into a stiletto any given Tuesday. But this? This is a twisted ankle just waiting to happen, without any of the flattering, leg-lengthening lift.

Happily, Prada hasn’t abandoned cuteness altogether. This season there are fab purses, flirty skirts, and plenty of preppy stripes (shown here on Hailee Steinfeld).

What do you think? Would you clomp around in flatforms, or are they borderline clown shoes?

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