Father-Son Outfits

When I first spotted these matching father-son shorts, I bestowed upon them the ultimate AnnabelManners.com compliment:
Lilly Pulitzer swim trunks for little boys. Tiny Ralph Lauren button-downs. All with corresponding Dad-sized clothes!
Shows you what I know. An informal poll of male friends, relatives, and young dads revealed this to be a Father’s Day nightmare.
“I don’t think so,” replied one. “Aren’t they kind of, uh, colorful?”
“Absolutely not,” sputtered another. “Those 7 jeans are just…no.”
Maybe,” conceded a third (after much wheedling from yours truly). “Like, for a picture or something. But that’s it.”
Readers, I’m sure there are dads out there who would think this was a fine idea. Just be sure you’re shopping for one of them before you make this your big Father’s Day surprise.
Matching clothes for mothers and daughters are always welcome. Swooned over, even.
Not the case with the fellas. Who knew?
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