Exercise Etiquette

In one form or another, I seem to eat cheese almost every day of my life. My current obsession is St. Andre, which you can find at Trader Joe’s.
Pair this buttery, triple-cream cheese with a Pita Bite cracker and a glass of wine, then cancel whatever else you had planned for the evening. You’ll be busy swooning.
The antidote for all this decadence, of course, is exercise. I either take a dance class or lace up my only pair of athletic shoes and go for a jog.
Naturally there are the requisite accoutrements — my pink iPod, vampire-grade sunscreen, and a giant pair of Chanel sunglasses.
(Readers, this is what people mean when they say someone “runs like a girl.”)
Now, I’m the kind of person who smiles at everyone I pass on the street, even here in the big bad city. Most people respond in kind, and those who don’t clearly have no manners.
The more rampant problem is sidewalk hogs.
Maybe you’ve met one of these stubborn sorts — a person who willfully occupies the middle of the sidewalk, despite the obvious sound of a jogger approaching.
This means that you, the jogger, must break your stride, pause the music and chime out, “excuse me!”
All while silently communicating that you’re not a mugger or a threat, just a girl who really likes cheese.
A Quick Guide to Sidewalk Etiquette
  • If you are part of a couple, separate and walk in a single-file line when you encounter someone who needs to get around you.
  • If you’re walking a dog, steer your pet out of the way and hang on to the leash.
  • If you’re pushing an enormous stroller, well, just do your best.
  • If you’re by yourself, for heaven’s sake move to the left or right. Really, either one will do.
So basic, and yet so foreign. Y’all know this, of course.
Help me spread the good word! And don’t miss that St. Andre…
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