Divine Dresses

Oh, but I love this time of year. It’s not a question of whether there will be enough breathtaking gowns to satisfy my darling readers, but rather which ones to showcase.

Today’s favorite by great leaps and bounds? Anne Hathaway in Paris for Fashion Week. (Excellent illustration of my beloved three Fs: fit, fabric and form.)

Then there’s Rachel Weisz looking chic as ever at an awards ceremony in London.

Kate Hudson thoroughly redeemed herself at the SAG Awards after a shaky showing at the Golden Globes.

And my heavens, how about Diane Kruger! This glam slam is reminiscent of my #1 Oscar getup of all time.

In a related story, I’m dying to try this on, just to see. Baby blue is my color, y’all.

Can someone please explain why it’s a gazillion dollars? And why I’m not even a tiny bit cross with Michael Kors over this minor impediment?

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