Derby Countdown

Mark your calendars!

Derby Day is Saturday, May 2, 2009.
If you’re throwing a party, there’s still time to order invitations, polish the silver, and practice making mint juleps.If you’re not throwing a party, well, have you really thought this through?

Derby is the perfect opportunity to round up your friends, throw down $2 bets, and have a blast admiring each other’s hats, sundresses, and sport coats.
(As my mama always says, you know you’ve had too many mint juleps when your hat gets too tight.)
Note to L.A. natives: If you need local inspiration, check out Bluegrass Home, an adorable interior design and home furnishings store just west of 3rd and La Brea. The owner is from Kentucky, and her taste is impeccable.
Keep an eye on As the big day draws near, I’ll post tips on how to do the run for the roses on a budget.
And make the world’s best Kentucky Derby pie.
Happy spring!
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