Deja Vu at the VMAs

Unlike most awards shows, the MTV Video Music Awards aren’t really about fashion.

They’re about drama, surprises, and savvy PR moves.

That said, attendees did seem to scramble about competing for the title of Most Outrageous Outfit.

Lady Gaga wore a dress made of meat!

Katy Perry looked like an ice skater!

K$sha showed up wearing nothing but –OMG– trash bags!

Anybody else stifling a yawn?

Strangely, the biggest story of the night was old news at best. Taylor Swift and Kanye West each wrote songs about last year’s debacle. She forgave him, while he proposed a bawdy toast to unpopular celebs.

Honestly, I don’t understand why anyone’s still talking about this. If I were advising Taylor, I’d tell her to abandon this tired topic and move on for good.

It’s the graceful, grown-up thing to do.

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