D-Cup Doll

Being a native Angeleno, my darlin’ friend E is an exercise fiend. Pilates, Pole Dancing, Bar Method — you name it, she sweats it.


The other day she dragged me to a combination dance and yoga class with hip-hop music, live drumming, and a warm, new-agey vibe.


“We’re so blessed to have new faces among us today,” cooed the instructor. “And I see some old friends, too. Welcome back, Ashley*! I know you were out for health reasons–“


“Oh, I wasn’t sick,” said a girl in the front of the room. “I just got NEW BOOBS!”
E and I looked at each other and burst out laughing while the entire dance studio erupted in applause.


Our instructor didn’t miss a beat.


“Is that right? Well, I hope you’re ready to shake ’em!”


Honestly, I despise working out, but how else am I gonna slide into the dreamy bikini pictured above?


* Names have been changed to protect the newly curvaceous.
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