Culture Clash

First things first:
I was so sorry to hear about Brittany Murphy, weren’t you? She’ll always be Tai to me, and her talent will be missed!
In far less significant news, here we have Jennifer Garner, cutie-pie Violet, and a friend illustrating one of the most perplexing things about Los Angeles.
Judging by their attire, you might think these three were coming from somewhere casual. The post office, maybe. A pizza joint. Or Home Depot, for Lord’s sake.
Au contraire, cherie. In fact, they were leaving the Walt Disney Concert Hall, home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic.
Granted, this was a holiday singalong in the middle of the afternoon. But really, Jen. Jeans?
When we support the arts, we get dressed up. And go to a chi-chi lunch beforehand. That’s just how it is.
While we’re at it, Violet could have stepped up her game as well. Everybody knows cultural outings for kids mean party shoes (also known as Mary Janes) and smocked dresses.
Kind of puts me in the mood for Peter and the Wolf.
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