Come Now. Really?

Dear Annabel Manners,

I work for a law firm in a humongous building with 15 floors. The other day after lunch, I was talking to a VERY pregnant chick while we waited for the elevator in the lobby. When it finally showed up, a gaggle of women pushed right past us to get in! I just stood there in shock while the doors closed. We had to wait for the next one! What would you have done in that situation?

— Rachel, Century City

Dear Rachel,

Oh, honey. The truth is I probably would have been just as flummoxed as you were. Talk about appalling!

But in a world of do-overs, here’s what I’d recommend:

1. Inhale sharply through nose, shake off disbelief and indignation.
2. Thrust an espadrille-shod foot between elevator doors, forcing them back open.
3. Throw back shoulders, smile sweetly.
4. Say, “Hey y’all, we’ve got a lady out here who’s packing a bit of a belly. Any chance somebody could hop out so she can get back to her desk before the baby shows up?”

Obviously there’s only one right answer to that question. Remain charming, but place a subtle hand on your hip to indicate that you’re not budging until one of those dingbats comes to her senses.

Graciously yours,


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