Clueless. Anew!

I heard Alicia Silverstone is turning 32 this weekend. I think she should celebrate with a batch of cruelty-free cupcakes and a brand new job.
In these troubled times, what America needs is a sequel to Clueless, that canonical classic every film student should see.
The movie is now 13 years old, which means Cher Horowitz would be 29. Wouldn’t you just love to know what she’s up to?
Maybe she’s a matchmaker, since she was inspired by Jane Austen’s Emma. Maybe she’s a lawyer like her daddy. Maybe she’s married and pushing a Maclaren stroller somewhere above Sunset!
The possibilities are exhilarating. Close your eyes and imagine:
  • Fabulously outrageous clothes
  • Clever, quotable new dialog
  • Paul Rudd reprising his role as hottie-pants Josh!
Seriously, y’all. Women would stand in line to see this, just like Sex and the City.
Let’s rally the troops! Anybody out there know Amy Heckerling?
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