Cleavage Question

Dear Annabel Manners, 

I have kind of a weird question, but your post about Jessica Simpson made me wonder. 
Do you think it’s trashy to go out without a bra on
Commando Girl — Brooklyn, NY
Dear Commando,
Excellent question, especially since it’s almost sundress season.
The answer depends on your cup size, your age, and your outfit.
If you’re small-breasted, under 40, and wearing something that isn’t see-through, I have no issue with going commando.
Just make sure your braless-ness won’t make anyone else uncomfortable.
Needless to say, this look will never be appropriate for lunch with grandmother or a day at the office. Then again, neither are the warm weather (or evening) frocks that call for unobstructed cleavage.
Certain garments come with light support already built in, and for some of us, that’s plenty. Just be aware that sagging is never attractive (and, in fact, can undermine an otherwise fabulous outfit).
Here are two secret weapons for your summer wardrobe:
1) The best strapless bra on the planet. Wondrously crafted to stay put without an underwire!
2) Stick-on nipple concealers, which would have been a vast improvement over the electrical tape Lady Gaga is wearing in this photo. (Is this an appalling new trend? Heaven help us.)
Feel free to email me a picture if you need more help!
Graciously yours,
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