Chic and Eek: October Edition

Ah, holiday memories.

Here we have Playboy alum Shauna Sand visiting a Los Angeles pumpkin patch with her daughter.
(When I say “pumpkin patch,” I mean Mr. Bones, a paparazzi-studded parking lot that morphs into an autumn extravaganza for a few weeks, then becomes a Christmas tree farm through the end of the year. So festive!)
Nothing says “family outing” like a macrame triangle top, jet-black eyebrows and a whole bunch of plastic surgery.
Still, this wasn’t the scariest costume of the weekend. Poor Pamela Anderson is beyond help. Click at your own risk.
In brighter news, check out Disney Channel cutie Selena Gomez looking marvelous in Marchesa.
Such poise and panache!
I’m totally rooting for this girl.
That is to say, I hope she wraps up her TV show, then quietly goes to college.
It’s her first line of defense in the fight against collagen!
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