Chic and Eek: ESPY Edition

Oh, my. Here we have Mrs. Vanessa Bryant arriving at the 2009 ESPY Awards.
Let’s begin with an acknowledgement. I can see how someone married to Kobe might go to extra lengths to look alluring.

Don’t be fooled – she’s not wearing a dress. It’s a cleavage-baring jumpsuit paired with Louboutins. (Right?)

I think the problem here is one too many elements. It’s satin. And sparkly. With cutouts. And harem pants.
As for the tailoring, well, nobody likes a neckline that exists to smush your curves.
I’ll say it again: Fit, fabric and form are the keys to red carpet success.
Take Serena Williams, for example. In the past, I’ve seen her choose delicate, wispy dresses that just don’t work on her muscular frame.
Happily, this Roberto Cavalli shatters her previous record. Lovely color, great fit, and it draws attention to all the right places.
The ESPYs, by the way, are dedicated to Excellence in Sports Performance.
Bet you a dollar I’ll have to look it up again next year.
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